2021 intense 10 day YOGA COACH training

Dear readers, Dear Companions,

I am very happy to announce the following:

This coming spring 2021 and autumn 2021 I am again organising the international Kundalini YOGA COACH training with the uplifting and profound Guru Gian Singh.

10 days for you.

  • Bring your own meditation and yoga practice to a daily level. 
  • More focus, life joy and serenity. 
  • A greater connection with yourself and a closer awareness of your path
  • Spiritual growth
  • Learn to apply the acquired techniques in a profitable manner, and/or to pass on this knowledge to your clients
  • Yoga Coach certification

The training will help you to deepen your yoga meditation practice and/or

accompany you on your way to earn money through yoga and meditation. 

The latter point is a big topic in yoga. I myself have experienced how much the idea that we can earn money only with hard work / marketing / by giving up our on inner self-development is anchored in both our own as well as the society’s belief systems. This vicious cycle can be put to an end once and for all by the application of this new approach. 

practice and all is coming

Gian Singh offers a comprehensive training program that has got me absolutely convinced of its great effectiveness. 

Kundalini yoga and its yoga coaching approach strengthen you and your nervous system long-term, in a sustainable manner, and can bring you security in your thoughts and actions. I am convinced of that. 

This path is challenging and can be exhausting – there are days when you can’t help but notice that – but hey! stability, vitality and joy of life are what wins out in the end! 

In addition, you will meet like-minded people on a personal level, in a comfortable, inspiring environment – an all-encompassing experience that will inspire you to continue on your way.

We all have the right to realize our own potential, to help others, and to earn money. 

Exactly this attitude is achieved through the wonderful vehicle of kundalini yoga. 



12I am glad that I met Gian Singh on this path of mine. He is a wonderful yoga coach who is always true to life. 

His teaching style is unique, uplifting and profitable for those who feel ready to complete this intense training. 

He himself is a successful yoga coach in the Netherlands and is internationally active. He has experienced all the highs and lows of the yoga teacher’s existence, as well as all the highs and lows of the spiritual practice. 

Gian Singh shares his experiences, his techniques and his spirit very openly, intended for you to implement in your own life and practice. 

This international YOGA Coach training is perfect for all those who want to further evolve on their yogic way. 

You do not have to be a yoga teacher! You can only use the training for you and/or your business customers. The techniques presented are particularly suitable for tackling and realizing your personal and business goals. They are true to life, down-to-earth and task-focused.

Training dates:

the training covers 10 days/ two times 5 days

08.may – 12.may 2021 and 09. – 13.october 2021

First day arrival, beginning at 17 o’clock. 

Departure at noon. 

You are more than welcome to arrive earlier / leave later. Please let me know so that your accommodation will be reserved longer. The additional cost can be calculated.

We will take the training course to Seeboden in Carinthia, in my home in the wonderful bay of Lake Millstatt (45 min away from the airport Klagenfurt / next station Spittal An Der Drau / 10 min away by car).

It is the perfect environment for intensive training. We will begin each day with morning meditation / Sadhana (at about 5:30). The day ends early in the evening after an evening meditation session. There will be time both for you and your own needs, as well as group bonding and activity. 

Furthermore, a musician will accompany us during the training. All of you who know about kundalini yoga are well aware of the special power of music and mantras. In this joyful mood, we will be supported through our training –

“Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear your path.”

The seminar will be conducted in English. In case of three or more participants who want to experience the training in German, a translator will be organized free-of-charge.

I myself will be present on both training dates in order to spend time with you and look after you, as well as to make delicious detox smoothies for you.

Here is the link to the yoga coach Youtube video, as well as the link to the Hotel Camp Royal at Millstättersee. As is usual practice in the Yoga community, we will put 2 people together in a room. If you would prefer a single room, please give me advance notice. The wonderful hotel complex specializes in group training, so they are well-prepared to meet all our requirements.  

In case you have a food allergy or have special diet requirements (gluten free, vegan, lactose free, etc), please let me know in advance. All your diet needs can and will be met! 

We agree that, in general, we will be eating vegetarian, organic, simple foods during the day to complete the training and to facilitate the best possible progress in our development.

Seminar Costs:

REGISTER NOW – costs until 31. january 2021:

1900€ incl. VAT, training + documents, accommodation, including full board

Bring a friend

1750 € per person incl. VAT, training + documents, accomodation, including full board

Students, Single Mum/Dad, Job Seekers 

1800 € inkl. VAT, training + documents, accomodation, including full board

Regular price

2100 € incl. VAT, training + documents, accomodation, including full board

registration latest 31.01.2021/payment no later than 31.03.21 office@jotiurban.com

SAT NAM have a great time and give yourself permission

may this training serve you as it has served me!

yours Regina Joti Ananda

Author: Regina

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