inner & outer beauty – workshop

Inner + outer beauty Workshop

Vienna your choice: Saturday 20. juli 2019 + 21.september 2019 +20.oktober 2019

10 AM – 1 PM 1090 Vienna, Liechtensteinstraße 10/Room 1

Facilitated by Regina Kail-Urban Joti Ananda

The most beautiful workshop ever – for your inner and outer beauty.

A continuation of the successful workshop 2017/2018 „Detox instead of botox.“  

level II from chick to eagle – activate + overcome + deep relaxation kundalini yoga techniques: 17. august 2019

  • Three Holistic, sustainable hours with Yoga and Active Meditation / Mindfulness for Beginners & Advanced. 
  • We devote ourselves to your charisma by means of Yoga Coaching, the technology of conscious language and mindset;
  • plenty of gentle relaxation for peace and serenity = irresistible attraction / shine / glow.  
  • letting go – letting come! learn new truths; the beautiful one. GROW AND GLOW


Dear beautiful women, dear beautiful souls,

In this time together I  share with you my expert knowledge in holistic training, with 20 years of experience as an international model / presenter / journalist – I turn the knowledge and experience of my regressions, progress and evolution into tools for your inner and outer beauty.   

My definition of beauty: embrace the change, then it will embrace you and help you blossom at all levels.    This is not about self-optimization. We remove pressure and I share with you the new content that you can build modularly into your demanding, everyday life.

I only teach what works for me and my clients. 

LOVE AND LIGHT yours Regina Joti Ananda instagram


Our relaxed schedule.  

Self-reliant – self-determined – self-worth.  

Relax – Re-trust –  Routine.   The Three Pillars for inner and outer beauty.  

The liaison / impulse department with a handout for home.    

Holistic beauty techniques from the profound concept of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.   

Kundalini beauty yoga set (60 min)

move gently and elegantly – reinvent yourself and experience how you can use the ageing process for you to shine even more.

including video links for home use.   This set can be uniquely designed and modified for your every day, specific needs, using the knowledge learned in the workshop.  

Affirmations for inner and outer radiance incl. an exercise unit.    

Bonding with your Higher-Self, learning acceptance and the support of other women creates an aura / radiance, this attractiveness is noticeable for all and not bound to ideals.  Attachment takes away your freedom – let go – move gently and elegantly – reinvent yourself and experience how you can use the ageing process for you to shine even more.  

Daily beauty routine – „framing“ = the construction of an actionable daily routine and what is essential.      

Deep relaxation We close with a deep relaxation, uplifting, nourishing

Surprise Goodie Bag πŸ™‚

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Love meeting you soon yours Regina Joti Ananda


Further Info:

Regina Kail-Urban (43)

Uplifting Coachings – Trainings – Seminars

Certif. Kundalini Yoga Coach, Meditation + Awareness Teacher/Teacher Trainer, Kids/Family/Teens Yoga Teacher, White Tantric Trainer, Organic Nutritionist, Urban Yogi

In all these years of Yogic Lifestyle, observing, healing, serving others in seminars/retreats/trainings/workshops/classes and Coachings I came up with an unique holistic, profound, uplifting approach, which I joyfully observe having amazing effects on my numerous clients and on myself.  It is about:

  • How to tame your „Fight or Flight“ mode while being more productive. 
  • What the parasympathetic system has to do with your beauty.  
  • Yogic wisdom pearls for career, your everyday life, your progress.  
  • Active meditation – workable and efficient.  
  • Sound current: why sound is more efficient than any expensive cream. Playing, singing or just listening to Mantra Music, which sounds mesmerizing, is the best thing to do.
  • Pranayama breathing techniques: how to breathe efficiently, beautifully and elegantly.  Conquer your mind instead of letting your mind conquer you.   Self-coaching techniques to recognize and solve your beauty blockades.   Sustainable. Joyful. Relaxed.
  • Power of Affirmations never fails!


Author: Regina

be real. eat real. act real.

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