detox #beauty workshop

After ten successful workshops so far, we have scheduled these new dates:
Thursday 03.05.2018   6 pm 15 – 9 pm
the countless cosmetic products and the unrealistic beauty standards
will never allow us to grow and glow in a true sense of the word,
and will never let us achieve a holistic and sustainable beauty. 
Dear fellow beauty explorers!
 – imagine if there was a workshop which would enable all of us to grow and glow more than ever before
 – a workshop which is a huge resources and time saver as well as an excellent balance enhance
– a workshop which permanently solves and brings to an end our quest for beauty, through a process which is fun, with holistic beauty being the result
Detox instead of Botox
This is exactly the kind of workshop which I have created, using in the process all the knowledge which I have acquired over more than 20 years working as a TV presenter, journalist and a model.
During this time, I have become  42 ;), a mama, certified meditation & awareness teacher, yoga trainer, organic nutritionist and motivational speaker.

real beauty is not attainable through materialistic means or superficial treatments, but rather achieved by a minimalistic approach which focuses on the inner as well as the outer beauty.
Here are some of the highlights of our workshop program:
relaxation techniques which can be easily implemented in our everyday lives. a relaxed face is a beautiful face.
green rejuvenating juice + sweet smoothie surprise tasting and how to easily recreate these recipes at home. 
effective and price-efficient homemade beauty treatments
uplifting input and a chance to exchange beauty tips in a relaxed and intimate environment.
– making new friends who share your passions and interests.
All my experience, my observations, my setbacks and disappointments, as well as my success, „Eureka“ moments, and my go-to beauty routines will be shared with you for your benefit. 
After ten successful workshops so far, we have scheduled these new dates:
Thursday 03.05.2018    6 pm 15 – 9 pm
what: three inspiring hours for you and your path to holistic beauty. 
how: through refreshing, rejuvenating, honest and practical methods.
where: 1180 Vienna (you will receive the exact address once you register).
please bring along some comfortable clothing, a yoga mat (in case you have one), as well as an open mind.
pricing:  60 € incl. USt
bring your friend 55 €/px incl. USt
You will also get the benefit of: 
– further resource-saving and spiritually-uplifting concepts which are proven to work!
techniques for balancing your inner and outer beauty.
– “Love your gut” : beauty begins within.
– special, organic aloe vera facial to go. 
enjoy your discount in advance – – 10%/order code: detoxingmylife
special give aways from my longtime sponsors sonnentor, adamah biohof, tyros organic aloe vera, beyer & söhne
Register now:
mobile: +4369915049587
or via instagram Regina Kail-Urban detoxingmylife
typically replies within one day
I am looking forward to a lovely, inspirational evening in your company!
satn nam Regina aka Joti Ananda

Author: Regina

be real. eat real. act real.

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